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Podcasts are long. In sync
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at work, anywhere really.


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Amazing podcasts are released
almost every day. We help you
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Everything in Sync

Pocket Casts automatically syncs your progress with our
companion apps. This means you can start listening on the bus,
then pick up right where you left off as soon as the boss is gone.


Discover New Favorites

Find great new content with curated featured podcasts,
currently trending podcasts and much more.

Podcast transmission Podcast tal Podcast theverge Podcast dtns Podcast aaa Podcast iterate

Fully Featured Playback


Variable Speed

Choose the speed that's just
right for you.


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Jump over boring bits.


Full Screen Video

Because everyone has a face
for podcasting.


We’re in this for the long haul

We don’t do freemium. No VC funding. No crazy. We love podcasts and
we’ve built the web player that we want to use. We’ve priced it at a
point where we’ll stick around to keep it up to date. You can expect
support, features and many more awesome things in the future.

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